Bell Environmental has become a well-known pest control company with a 50-year history of providing top quality pest control services.  We’re pleased to get calls and inquiries from all customers, but our range of services is more limited than our knowledge base.

We are proud to serve and focused on solutions for insect and rodent problems for commercial accounts, multifamily apartment buildings, hospitals, and restaurants.  We solve the toughest pest problems

We perform bed bug inspections and treatments for all types of customers: residences, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries, and more- and our solutions for commercial businesses allow companies to keep their offices and rooms open without having to close due to odors or long interruptions. We solve rodent issues and focus on solutions that stop and prevent new mouse and rat problems, and even do some wildlife trapping.  We have a dedicated bird control division that is focused on exclusionary and mechanical solutions for nuisance bird issues.

However Bell Environmental is not focused on solutions for pest problems such as bees, termites, carpenter ants, and the like in residential homes.

(Full disclosure: We’re also not the people to contact when alien arthropods invade the earth. In that case, it’s best to call the Superfriends, and not us.  Similarly, we’re not up to the task of conquering an invasion of alien robot insects, as seen in The Justice League episode “Dark Heart.”  Let’s hope that those issues stay in the cartoons and comic books and never become a reality. (And if you have a Norse god who wants to bring a group of aliens to take over the earth, assemble the Avengers, playing in theaters everywhere…..))

Please call us at 877-376-1775 and Bell Environmental will be there to help with your insect and rodent problems!