Meet Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog – Bell Environmental’s Lead Canine Inspector

Our Bed Bug K9 Force can find bed bugs quickly and accurately in any home or business!

Where’s Roscoe? He’s Working!

Roscoe is the lead detective with our Bed Bug K9 Force and the latest tool in our arsenal of bed bug control. Roscoe and his fellow dogs have been trained by at the Forensic and Scientific Training Investigations Center (FSI) to sniff out live bed bugs and bed bug eggs and to pinpoint their locations. Roscoe and our other canine detectives have been featured on Good Morning America, the CBS Early Show, Animal Planet, and in the New York Times.

CAREER: Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog is a liver tri-color beagle who works for leading bed bug and pest control company, Bell Environmental Services. Roscoe is a scent hound who has been trained to pinpoint bed bugs. Roscoe indicates that he’s found a live bed bug or egg by nodding and pointing. Each finding is then checked by his handler. Roscoe has a strong work ethic and deep focus.

BACKGROUND: Roscoe was rescued from a pound in Kentucky. He trained at an accredited dog training institution for over 600 hours with a Certified Master Trainer. Roscoe is a graduate of the Forensic and Scientific Training Investigations Center (FSI) with a degree in bed bug detection. He and his handler hold World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO) certification. Roscoe started his bed bug sniffing dog career with Bell Environmental Services in September 2008. Roscoe works and trains with his certified dog handler daily, including weekends and holidays.

IN THE MEDIA: Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog has had many appearances on television including Animal Planet’s “Monsters Inside Me” series. He has also been featured in the New York Times and on ABC’s Good Morning America and the CBS Early Show, in addition to many local television stations in the New York-Metropolitan area.

Roscoe has also starred in numerous Bell Environmental television commercials that run in the New York Metro Area. As local celebrities, Roscoe,  and many other Bell Environmental colleagues are frequently recognized and stopped by people asking, “Where’s Roscoe” which is the inspiration for one of his famous advertisements.

Roscoe is the star of apps sharing bed bug advice (free for download) for Apple and Android devices He is also featured in a video game called “Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog”— which gives people the chance to hunt bed bugs and freeze them.

BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Completing 60 bed bug inspections in 1 day. Searching a 50,000-square foot office for signs of bed bugs in 1 day.

CONDITIONING & CARE: Roscoe’s handler is dedicated to his daily maintenance, care, and recreation to keep Roscoe healthy and sharp. Roscoe’s regiment includes daily training finding bed bugs, long walks in the park, and delicious meals. Roscoe enjoys playing with his fellow bed bug dogs in Bell Environmental’s private dog run. Roscoe enjoys weekly baths, lots of sleep, good nutrition, and trips to the dog spa.

HOBBIES: Posting on Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter, watching Seinfeld Reruns and rooting for the underdog Mets.

We encourage you to stay connected with Roscoe on Facebook and Twitter.  Contact Bell Environmental today at 877-376-1775 for a professional bed bug dog inspection.