Bell Environmental Has Exclusive Bed Bug Solutions For Homes & Offices With Bed Bug Problems

Bell Environmental is a leader in providing bed bug control services in the greater New York Metropolitan area. We have a dedicated team that provides bed bug services including canine inspections and InstantFreeze treatments for our residential, commercial, and health care customers in both of these Tri-State areas. Bell Environmental’s bed bug solutions are distinct from our Integrated Pest Management efforts, as the intensity and thoroughness of the treatment needs to be much greater. When you call us for bed bugs, we don’t treat it as just another stop by a regular service technician, you get a specialized team and intense treatments that is dedicated to getting rid of your bed bug problem. Call now to set up an inspection 877-376-1775

What Are The Signs You Have Bed Bugs?

  • Black-speckled droppings, molted skins, and white poppy seed sized eggs in your furniture
  • Bed bug bites appear as red marks, blemishes, and/or blotchy rashes. They often appear in a cluster or a line of three bites.
  • It can take up to 5 days after being bitten for the appearance or an itch from bed bug bites to occur
  • Bed Bugs hide in seams & cracks in furniture, are typically nocturnal, and feed around once per week.
  • Bed bugs may live in or hide close to the bed including areas such as the mattress, box spring, headboard, and night stand. Bed bugs can also occupy other furniture, as well as curtains, electronics, picture frames and wall voids.

Our Bed Bug and Commercial Pest Control Service Areas Include:

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