Use Bell To Disinfect Your Office!

Bell is proud to offer disinfecting and sanitizing services for offices and locations in NY and NJ that are reopening and ramping up after pausing their operations. Since its founding in 1963, Bell has performed top quality work to protect indoor environments from pests and the germs and diseases they carry. Our company now provides

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No One Should Have To Live This Way

Living through these challenging COVID times is bad enough, but no one should have to live in a building with broken elevators, without air conditioning to soothe medical conditions, and major pest infestations. Residents described their situation to NY1 and it's horrific. Here's an excerpt from the news report that came out earlier today: Pest-Infested

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COVID-19 Update: We’re Open!

Bell Environmental is open as a business providing essential services. Pest Control is an essential service industry recognized by federal and state governments.  Bell Environmental is open, fully operational and committed to serving and protecting the health of our customers. Our technicians follow current guidelines, have safety equipment, and adhere to recommended protocols for COVID-19.

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Can NYCHA Meet Federal Targets for Pest Elimination?

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) houses 400,000 of the city's 8.4 million residents. This large public agency operates 173,762 apartments across 2,351 buildings in 316 developments. For perspective the cities of Tulsa, Tampa, Cleveland, and New Orleans each have around 400,000 total residents. NYCHA is under the scrutiny of the federal government for the

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It’s Worth Repeating NYC Mice & Rats Carry Dangerous Bacteria

Bell Environmental recently wrote about how mice found in NYC apartment buildings carry disease-causing bacteria, including a few superbug germs.  This is a subject worth revisiting and repeating because the study is alarming and because of the close contact humans have with mice. According to the Columbia University scientists who were quoted in a very good

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