Roscoe and Our Bed Bug Sniffing Dog Teams Detect Hidden Bed Bugs

Bell Environmental’s Bed Bug K9 Force performs bed bug inspections by sniffing out bed bugs and their eggs, accurately pinpointing an otherwise invisible infestation. So if you have unexplained bites or a rash, or suspect that you brought bed bugs home from a recent vacation or even trip to the movies, call us for a dog inspection.  Our bed bug canine teams will find what the human eye can’t so we can your solve bed bug issues. Our bed bug dogs have more than natural ability; they have degrees. All of our certified dog teams are trained to sniff bed bugs and eggs in tiny nooks and crannies and behind walls that no human could easily find.

The best inspection method for bed bug detection involves bringing in Bell Environmental’s Roscoe or another bed bug dog, who can smell bugs hiding inside walls. How capable are our dogs? Each member of our canine team is up to 250% better than humans at bed bug detection- with with 95-98% accuracy.  Humans are only 30-40% accurate when looking for these concealed insects in a low level infestation.  People can’t see inside walls nor behind outlets, cable and phone jacks, and light switches where bed bugs hide— especially between tenants while apartments are painted and cleaned.

Canine Inspections are a unique service that can prove cost effective by locating bed bugs before they become overwhelming infestations, potentially reducing your total treatment area. If you don’t detect bed bugs in their early stages, you will soon have a large infestation: Two breeding bed bugs can multiply to 152 bed bugs and 130 eggs in a month and to 302 bed bugs and over 1,000 eggs in 45 days.

Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs with Degrees

Master Trainer David Latimer trained our dogs at his Vincent, Alabama training center, Forensic and Scientific Training Investigations Center (FSI).   Our Master Trainer holds numerous technical certifications related to the fields of forensics, fire and explosion investigation, and K9 training. Bell Environmental’s handlers attend this canine academy and complete intensive training. Each dog has only one handler, so they work closely as a pair of bed bug inspection pros.  All of our handler-dog teams currently hold WDDO (World Dog Detector Organization) certifications.  This training is reinforced at our dedicated facility where our canines reside.

Benefits of canine bed bug detection

  • Studies have proven that trained bed bug sniffing dogs are 98% accurate in detecting the presence of bed bugs and their eggs whereas humans are 30-40% effective at finding low level infestations.
  • Perfect for use in healthcare facilities, residences, and large corporate environments where the actual scope of a bed bug infestation is not known.
  • Ideal for large apartment buildings. Roscoe and his peers can determine which units are experiencing bed bug activity and which ones are free from bed bugs.
  • Bed Bug Dogs are a great way to learn if you’re moving into an apartment with hidden bed bugs. Know before you move in so you avoid this itchy problem.

Contact Bell Environmental today at 877-376-1775 for a canine inspection to discover a bed bug problem or prove that your facility is bed bug free.

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