Bell Environmental’s History Timeline

Bell Is A Pest Control Leader With a History Of Providing Top Quality Services

People think they know a lot about Bell Environmental because of our television commercials featuring Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog and our comprehensive InstantFreeze bed bug solution. The company has a much deeper history, one that spans over 50 years solving customers’ pest problems.

1960s – Founded as Bell Exterminating Co in 1963 in Rockaway, NJ. Bell became one of the largest termite inspection and treatment businesses in New Jersey.

1970s – Moved Into Commercial Pest Control Services serving regulated clients in the food and other industries.

1980s – Embraced Green Pest Control and Began Servicing Pharmaceutical Laboratories. Bell was one of first pest-control firms to minimize the The Zero-Pest Zone System - exclusively from Bell Environmental Services, Inc.use of pesticides to protect the environment and customers’ operations and developed “The Zero-Pest Zone System.

1990s – Began Servicing Hospitals and Government Research Facilities. Grew to “super regional” in size and began consulting nationwide.

2000s – Expanded into the Bird Control and Exclusion Business. Solved bird issues in historic buildings, protected landmarks, and famous stadiums.

2010s – Became NY, NJ, and CT’s leading Bed Bug Detection and Solution Provider. Bell became the leader in solving residential and commercial bed bug problems featuring inspections by Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog and several other canine detectives. Bell’s exclusive InstantFreeze carbon dioxide freezing treatments eliminate bed bugs any and everywhere they hide.