Integrated Pest Management Services

Commercial Pest Control in NYC Guaranteed to Save Time, Money … and Frustration

Bell Environmental is unique among pest control companies. We have an unending dedication to the highest level of customer service in an environmentally responsible manner. We always take a ‘non-pesticide’ approach to pest control and believe that the best defense against a pest infestation is a good offense. We behave proactively rather than reactively to prevent pest control issues before problems arise.

Bell Environmental has served NYC with green pest control for 30 years— long before it became a buzzword and a part of everyday discussion. Why? Because labor intensive efforts, minimal reliance on pesticides, and practicing textbook Integrated Pest Management are the best ways to solve our customers’ problems, prevent new issues, and remain environmentally-friendly. Don’t get stuck or depend on old extermination practices and stereotypes as solutions. The best way to get rid of your pests is to use a proactive expert who takes the time and bends down to do the work.

Need Commercial Pest Control in NJ? We are Committed to Service and Committed to Excellence

Bell serves demanding, high-profile customers with no tolerance for insects, rodents or urban pests. These institutions and companies know that commercial pest control issues can impact their businesses, research, patients, customers, and employees. Who are these customers?

  • The largest pharmaceutical companies
  • Major research hospitals
  • World-famous residential apartment buildings
  • High-profile media companies
  • New York City landmarks
  • Essential state and local government agencies
  • Five-star restaurants
  • Busy retailers and shopping malls
  • And many, many more!

Insect and Rodent Problems are Not Subtle— You Either Have Them or You Don’t

The Zero-Pest Zone System - exclusively from Bell Environmental Services, Inc.With Bell’s comprehensive Zero-Pest Zone System® guarantee —your pests will be eliminated. Period. You’ll save time, money and potential violations, fines and complaints. Our expert technicians apply Integrated Pest Management solutions, work harder and think smarter than any other pest control company. Our results speak for themselves.

Discover the Bell difference for lasting commercial pest control.

  • Zero-Pest Zone System Guarantee — Bell offers a commercial pest control program that works so well it’s backed with a 100% guarantee.
  • Pest Control Services — Bell pest control services mean proactive technicians and expert insect, rodent and mice extermination techniques—all the time, every time.
  • Pest Control Specialty Areas — From healthcare to food service to construction, we meet the exacting Pest Control requirements of many specialty areas.
  • FAQs — Questions about urban pest control or bird control products? Read about some of the most common commercial pest control questions and concerns.

Devoted to Environmentally Sound Pest Control Practices

Bell applies LEED and Green Shield Pest Management principles to every aspect of our business—from commercial pest control to bed bug control. This means that we employ environmentally sound methods across the board. We use more labor instead of more pesticides, more planning instead of more visits, and a textbook-thorough approach to every bed bug and commercial pest control job.

Bell develops and implements an effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan for the building and grounds that will keep a facility pest-free while also meeting necessary LEED Certification requirements. This written IPM plan and the program we implement includes documentation for all procedures used in a project. The benefits are that we solve your pest issues, improve the quality of your building and tenant experiences, and earn your building points.

With industry-leading methods that include bed bug sniffing dogs and freezing bed bugs, Bell gets rid of bed bugs smarter and faster than any traditional pesticide-based approach. The Green Shield Pest Control principals we abide by get to the root of urban pest problems and our Zero-Pest Zone System® provides lasting, guaranteed relief that is as effective as it is environmentally sound.

Bell is Dedicated to Green Pest Control Practices:

  • Pesticide avoidance: using minimal amounts of pesticides and maximum amounts of labor, advanced techniques and preventive measures
  • InstantFreeze®: a unique, non-toxic, chemical-free method of rapidly freezing and thereby eliminating bed bugs in all stages, including their eggs, upon contact
  • Zero-Pest Zone System® :putting stress on the populations of insects, rodents, and other urban pests, completely eliminating them without the excessive use of chemicals typically used
  • Mechanical barriers: planning and executing mechanical means such as caulking compounds, traps, glue boards, freezing cold, and/or any other methods that employ physical force to eliminate urban pests
  • Integrated Pest Management: employing advanced planning and meticulous implementation of pest control services without the use of invasive, potentially unhealthy chemicals and pointing out and implementing structural changes that exclude pests from buildings.

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