Disinfecting Services

Bell Environmental provides Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services. We have a high-tech method for quickly and thoroughly treating facilities that are afraid they have and/or want protection against COVID and other germs.

Bell can perform these treatments in any locations that require these services.

Bell has the newest equipment – Electrostatic Sprayers – that quickly and efficiently treat all the right and high touch places to kill any viruses and germs and keep people safe. We safely treat office and living areas and kills viruses such as Covid 19, as well as many other more common colds, and viruses.

Bell’s Disinfection Services make your location a safer, healthier environment for your staff, customers, and visitors. Our cleaning specialists disinfect large indoor areas and office spaces quickly and eliminate germs where they hide. Your business will:

  • Care for your employees by getting rid of what makes people ill.
  • Put germs out of business and boost productivity.
  • Have healthier spaces for healthier employees.

Our technicians use high-tech tools to disinfect your building’s hard, non-porous surfaces with a 99.9% efficacy rate. This service is superior to and different than traditional cleaning. We use electrostatic sprayers to apply EPA-approved disinfectants that get rid of germs including those on the undersides and backs of surfaces. For everyone’s protection, our staff follows essential Novel Coronavirus safety protocols.

Bell’s thorough treatment methods are used on all high touch surfaces, including electronics, without damage. Our skilled technicians provide a specialty service which saves time, and is an efficient alternative to traditional cleaning.

Our services are effective for all commercial industries and safe and gentle enough to be used inside homes. The result is that your facility is a sanitary place. You can keep your doors open knowing you’ve had a top-notch disinfectant treatment performed by Bell Environmental Services.

We serve locations including:

  • HEALTH CARE FACILITIES – No one should get sick while trying to get better.
  • EDUCATION – Keep students and teachers safe from unnecessary illnesses.
  • RETAIL – Make customers and staff confident in returning to your stores.
  • RESTAURANTS – Patrons are comforted that their dining areas are safe and germ free.
  • OFFICES – Make sure employees are safe and comfortable returning to work without getting sick.
  • THEATERS, CHURCHES, & AUDITORIUMS – Treat all chairs, armrests, and occupied areas.
  • TRANSPORTATION – Make drivers and riders safe by killing germs left behind by others.

Put your mind at ease during this challenging time and use Bell Environmental’s Disinfection Services to make your environment safe again. Contact Bell Environmental today to book your Disinfecting Service.