Bed Bug Inspection for Renters & Home Buyers

Powerful Bed Bug Detection Using a Bed Bug Dog

Moving is hard enough without wondering what the previous residents left behind, especially if it’s a bed bug infestation! Whether you’re buying or renting, sleep easier knowing your home or apartment is bed bug free. Bell Environmental offers a range of bed bug detection services, including the powerful nose of Roscoe, our leading bed bug dog, and his other expertly-trained furry friends.

Unlike a human-only bed bug inspection, bed bug sniffing dogs can find these insects in the smallest nooks and crannies, just where bed bugs love to hide! Roscoe and his canine colleagues can sniff out the smallest signs of bed bugs, including traces of their eggs and molted skin. Why wonder what’s in your new walls?

  • Studies have proven that trained bed bug sniffing dogs are over 98% accurate in detecting bed bugs and their eggs. Humans are only 30-40% effective at finding low level infestations.
  • Bed bug dogs are ideal for large apartment buildings. Roscoe and his peers can determine which units are experiencing bed bug activity and which ones are free from bed bugs.

NY Bed Bug Dogs Protect Real Estate Investments

Inspect before you rent! Perform a bed bug inspection ahead of time! Whether you’re buying, selling, or renting, protect yourself and your investment. A thorough inspection by a certified bed bug dog team ensures peace of mind, knowing your residence or office is clear of bed bugs.

There are laws requiring disclosure of bed bug issues in New York City rental buildings to potential tenants. Similar bed bug laws are under consideration in other states, including in Connecticut.

It is very important for a renter or buyer to determine if the particular unit being considered has bed bugs before signing a lease or agreeing to buy that apartment.

The best inspection method includes bringing in Bell Environmental’s Roscoe, or another of Bell’s bed bug sniffing dogs, for unparalleled bed bug detection accuracy. Humans can’t see inside walls nor behind outlets, cable and phone jacks, and light switches where bed bugs hide. Bed bug detection can be even tougher when an apartment is cleaned up and newly painted between tenants.

The cost of a bed bug inspection is small compared to the many thousands of dollars in rent that a resident will pay, and the peace of mind of entering into a home without a problem looming is priceless.

Bed Bug Solutions That Help You Rest Easy

Nothing replaces the peace of mind in knowing that your family is protected and that your residence is bed bug free. Bell Environmental, the first choice in bed bug companies, is happy to perform a bed bug inspection in your new home. The process is thorough, simple, fast, and accurate. If necessary, after our bed bug sniffing dogs finish their job, our technicians can discuss a bed bug control plan that’s right for your house, condo, or apartment.

Contact Bell Environmental today at 877-376-1775 to schedule your bed bug inspection.