Fact Sheets and Downloads

Bell Environmental educates people about bed bugs and serves as a clear and straightforward resource for preventing, identifying, detecting and treating bed bugs, as well as for protecting your home, school and workplace. Because bed bugs can be a stressful and all-encompassing problem, we are focused on delivering the key points you need to know to avoid bed bugs and to most effectively eliminate them.

Pesticides Tied To Childhood Cancers
A September 2015 study, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics demonstrated that childhood exposure to indoor pesticides was associated with significant increases in the risk of childhood leukemia and childhood lymphomas. Bell Environmental uses our non-toxic InstantFreeze which is comprised only of CO2 so we can eliminate bed bugs while protecting your family’s health. Read more.

Man’s Best Friend is Bedbug’s Worst Foe
A PDF from The New York Daily News about Roscoe and his incredible work! Read more.

Roscoe’s Travel Tips Card PDF
An excellent guide you can print and fold to carry with you at all times to tell you how to avoid Bed bugs when you travel and keep them from hitchhiking into your home upon your return. Read more.