Fact Sheets and Downloads

Bell Environmental educates people about bed bugs and serves as a clear and straightforward resource for preventing, identifying, detecting and treating bed bugs, as well as for protecting your home, school and workplace. Because bed bugs can be a stressful and all-encompassing problem, we are focused on delivering the key points you need to know to avoid bed bugs and to most effectively eliminate them.

EPA.gov: Bed Bug Prevention, Detection and Control
Be alert! Be aware! Bed bugs could be anywhere! An important fact sheet from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Read more.

Pesticides Tied To Childhood Cancers
A September 2015 study, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics demonstrated that childhood exposure to indoor pesticides was associated with significant increases in the risk of childhood leukemia and childhood lymphomas. Bell Environmental uses our non-toxic InstantFreeze which is comprised only of CO2 so we can eliminate bed bugs while protecting your family’s health. Read more.

Scientists: Ultrasound Machines Don’t Scare Bed Bugs Away
An abstract of research recently published by university professors on the lack of effects on bed bugs by ultrasonic devices. In sum, these devices do not repel these insects. We thought this information may be useful since many homeowners purchase these devices to repel insects in general and bed bugs in particular.
Read the start of the report here or just the abstract here from the Journal of Economic Entomology.

Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt!
“Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt” is an activity book for elementary school age children to teach them about Bed Bugs and how to recognize the signs of these insects. The activity book follows beagle detective Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog on a search. It teaches students how to find Bed Bugs of all ages and stages in their hiding places. Children connect-the-dots, search for words, draw pictures, solve mazes, find hidden objects, and perform other activities as they learn about these insects in a fun and non-threatening way. Click here to download.

Man’s Best Friend is Bedbug’s Worst Foe
A PDF from The New York Daily News about Roscoe and his incredible work! Read more.

Download our Bedbug Information PDF
A fact sheet with photos telling you everything you need to know about Bed Bugs. Click here to download.

Roscoe’s Travel Tips Card PDF
An excellent guide you can print and fold to carry with you at all times to tell you how to avoid Bed bugs when you travel and keep them from hitchhiking into your home upon your return. Read more.

Environment of Care Leader – Sleep Tight…and Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!
The little parasite forced Kings County Hospital (627 beds) in NYC to shut down a triage room. Read more.

Inside the Joint Commission – Sleep Tight…and Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!
The little parasite forced Kings County Hospital (627 beds) in NYC to shut down a triage room. Read more.

Dog Detection Research
Learn more about the capabilities of dogs to use their extraordinary sense of smell to detect things like Bed Bugs. Read more.

Ability of Bed Bug-Detecting Canines to Locate Live Bed Bugs and Viable Bed Bug Eggs
In depth research in Bed Bug detection by dogs. Read more.