Zero-Pest Zone System® for 100% Pest Elimination

Guaranteed Commercial Pest Control Solutions

Bell Environmental’s Zero-Pest Zone System® is a proprietary commercial pest control program that is at the heart of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  Zero-Pest Zone System isn’t just a name. We mean zero. By reducing populations down to zero, our Zero-Pest Zone System ensures pests will not be around to multiply and repopulate your building.

When Bell Environmental Services promises commercial pest control, we deliver. Our Zero-Pest Zone System®  is guaranteed to be fully compliant with all government laws and regulations, and so effective we back it with a 100% results guarantee.*

Bell Offers a Satisfaction Guarantee That Other Pest Control Companies Simply Can’t

With decades of experience in servicing hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, large corporations, and residential management among others, the Zero-Pest Zone System is a proven, proactive, and strategic commercial pest control program. By carefully evaluating your facility and employing a variety of techniques that put stress on the populations of insects, rodents, and other urban pests using mechanical (traps) and dessicant methods, we completely eliminate problems without the excessive chemicals typically used by other pest control companies. And unlike our competitors, we do not wait for new problems to arise, we proactively protect you from re-infestations by creating a perimeter defense around your facility to target and eliminate any future pest encroachment.

Our advice and expertise isn’t just relevant to pest control. Many of our recommendations involve best practices related to: sanitation, plumbing, housekeeping, food storage, maintenance, physical repairs, and the outside environment. Our efforts help improve public health conditions, the welfare of employees, and prevent pests from entering into or spreading throughout your building The Zero-Pest Zone System - exclusively from Bell Environmental Services, Inc.

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* To qualify a customer must have a current account, and all housekeeping and other related maintenance and repair recommendations must have been completed and kept up-to-date as written in service reports.