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Are you afraid there’s a mouse and rodent infestation in your building, office or restaurant? Contact New York City’s rodent control expert Bell Environmental. We solve mice problems and remove them from your property and specialize in solving problems for customers such as businesses, health care facilities, apartment buildings, research labs, department stores, schools, supermarkets, theaters, and other demanding clients.

Bell caught mice slipping under this door so we recommended the client seal up this gap with a door sweep to prevent mice from entering the building.

Put simply, Mickey is the only mouse anyone wants to see in a (club)house or anywhere else. That’s why the experts at Bell Environmental put in place programs and provide pest control service to prevent and remove mice from buildings. Bell is the opposite of a Mickey Mouse operation. Our expert team has served NY, NJ and Connecticut clients with experts who design and implement programs that are appropriate for environments.  Our multilayered defense works to keep mice out of your basement. If a mouse should get to a unit, we catch the problem and work to close up holes to prevent mice from being an issue for residents and their neighbors.

How does this work?  It all starts with an inspection. We observe points of entry and identify the ways mice are getting into your building. We tell you where to plug up holes, install door sweeps, and other key repairs to provide rodent proofing. Bell can even install physical barriers to keep mice out. We also provide guidance on improved sanitation practices to reduce issues.

As the exterminator for your building, Bell responds to complaints, find weak points in buildings, and recognize patterns.

  • Are there mice running up and down a certain apartment line?
  • Are there holes behind radiators?
  • Are there gaps under sinks?
  • Is the building storing its trash in a way that’s encouraging pests?

Bell Environmental knows how mice think, move, and communicate. (Yes, mice do send messages and it’s not by texting.) In our experience, buildings’ mouse issues have grown during COVID and Bell has stepped up our services to meet growing challenges.

Bell solves your mouse issues and quantify the trends that demonstrate quality of life improvements for residents and employees. We track problems, document, graph results and trends, and notice when there are upticks. If there’s a problem reemerging, we look for the causes (Is there construction in the building or next door? Is there a long vacancy in a unit or office suite?) and adjust accordingly so mice get back under control.

When we say Bell solves NYC’s toughest mice problems, we mean it.

  • One famous NYC department store had such a large mouse problem, that it put curtains over its display windows because mice had taken over. Bell was hired and quickly solved the problem – removing 10,000 mice from the store. Shoppers and employees were again able to walk down the aisles without fear of something furry crossing their paths and the store’s windows reopened to show its beautiful Christmas displays.
  • A world renowned theater was overrun with mice and hired Bell Environmental to solve it. Bell walked into a situation where every morning staff would walk into mouse problems and cleaning crews had to focus on cleaning up their droppings under theater seats, in the foyer, in the orchestra pit, on state, backstage, in concession stands, and employee break rooms and workspaces. In a matter of weeks, Bell solved this stage’s widespread problem and the show went on without interruption or any unwanted media attention.
  • The mice were the the ones spending nights (and days) at this museum. They would nest under the sculptures and raid the dining rooms when school groups, families, and tourists were done for the day. Bell cleaned up this museum of mice, and found the hiding spots behind exhibits, in storage rooms, and inside kitchens. We also prevented mice entering through receiving docks and damaged outside doors. Once we solved the rodent problems, Bell worked full time to make sure the only animals seen were the ones the museum wanted to showcase.

Bell is just as proactive to solve issues in vivaria and other research labs. We put trapping systems in place in every critical point in your facility and use the appropriate materials to catch mice- and prevent ancillary problems. Our services prevent major problems such as invader rodents mixing with other populations. We follow all SOPs, including regarmenting protocols, to ensure your research and clients’ needs are safe. We document everything we do for complete transparency. Our programs ensure and reports demonstrate the rodent populations onsite is declining all the way to zero – and is kept at zero through our exclusive Zero-Pest Zone System® for commercial pest control clients.

Contact us today to learn more about our mouse control services and to schedule an inspection.

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