Roscoe’s Educational Tips & Fun Ways For Kids To Learn Bed Bug ID and Prevention

Roscoe’s Travel Tips Card

The Roscoe’s Tips travel card is an excellent guide you can print and fold to carry with you at all times to tell you how to avoid bed bugs when you travel and keep them from hitchhiking into your home upon your return. It contains similar information to our free app, Roscoe’s Tips, by detailing how to inspect a hotel room and identify the signs if bed bugs are present. Click here to download and print this handy guide.

Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt

“Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt” is an activity book for elementary school age children to learn from Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog about Bed Bugs and how to recognize the signs of these insects. The activity book follows beagle detective Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog on a search. It teaches students how to find Bed Bugs of all ages and stages in their hiding places. Children connect-the-dots, search for words, draw pictures, solve mazes, find hidden objects, and perform other activities as they learn about these insects in a fun and non-threatening way. Click here to download and print this fun and helpful book.