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New York City’s rat and mice problems have never been worse than today. Bell Environmental serves customers as a pest control expert that solves rat, mouse and rodent infestations in NY, NJ, and CT to keep people and businesses safe. There’s no reason your UWS or Upper East Side apartment building, home business, supermarket, restaurant, or favorite park should have to live with these scary and disease causing and carrying rodents. Bell Environmental began in 1963 with a commitment to a high level of customer service. Through the years we have prided ourselves on solving clients problems. Please give us a call and experience the Bell Environmental difference and let us make your problem go away!

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Here’s why more and more customers are using Bell Environmental for rodent control services:

  • Bell Environmental protects our customers so you’re safe from rats and mice.
  • Bell’s rat extermination and mice extermination services are a multilayer defense. We protect the outside of your condo/co-op/rental building or store and put an internal mechanical trapping program that catches and eliminates rodents from any building.
  • We also protect residents from rodent issues in their own co-ops, condos, and rentals. We trap pests and identify and seal holes and crevices where mice enter apartments, so people don’t share their kitchens and living rooms with these unwanted pests.
  • We look for patterns in buildings so rodent issues in one unit don’t go up and down a line or move down the hall to cause problems for neighbors. Bell prevents rodent problems by performing rodent proofing and exclusion and providing top quality services, not by placing out an allegedly better mouse trap.

Learn more about Bell Environmental’s solutions for Rat and Mouse issues by visiting our web pages, by calling 1-877-376-1775, or by contacting us.

About Bell Environmental

Bell Environmental began in 1963 with a commitment to high customer service. We have brought innovative technology and environmentally sound bed bug control and commercial pest control methods to customers in New York City and its metropolitan area for decades. Still owned and operated by its founding management, Bell leads the way in finding alternatives to dangerous pesticides to eliminate infestations of insects, rodents, and pest birds at facilities throughout the northeastern United States.

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