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Lasting Bird Control Services For 100% Guaranteed Results

Bell Bird Control is a division of Bell Environmental Services, a family run bird control and pest control business. Since 1963 we have offered top quality services, and steered away from conventional thinking to serve important markets whose needs were not being met by the pest control industry. Bell focuses on commercial accounts who value the type of specialized work—and lasting bird control results—that only a dedicated and expert pest control company provides.

Bell Environmental uses environmentally friendly and chemical free solutions to solve pest bird, rodent, and insect problems.  Bell custom designs bird control systems that meet buildings’ needs for protection from pest birds. By installing a custom system, your building will prevent birds from making homes and messes on your ledges and awnings. It’s a safe and economical way to prevent the safety, health, and cleaning problems they cause. Bell’s experts will design and install custom systems, using tools such as exclusionary netting and electrical deterrents, to deliver guaranteed results for our bird control customers.  Our installations are safe for birds too. They just find a different place to rest and reside. Bell has even designed, created, and patented our own highly effective BellStrip™ bird control product which is effective and aesthetically pleasing.

The Bird Control Company That Businesses Depend On From Start To Finish

Bell Bird Control provides bird deterrent services to commercial businesses, apartment buildings, museums, utilities, airports, and other demanding customers with guaranteed results. We’re committed to bringing innovative, humane bird control technology to New York City and New Jersey. With a wide array of noninvasive bird control devices and behavior modification methods, we’re capable of removing Pigeons, Starlings, Gulls, and other pest birds (and their droppings) to keep your property clean and safe.

Bell Bird Control’s 100% money-back guarantee reflects our confidence that our bird control systems will effectively and quickly end your bird problems, allowing your employees and customers to enjoy your facilities without the sights, smells, and hassles associated with a pest bird infestation.

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