A bed bug victim wrote us this weekend:

“I have been living in my apartment for over 7 years now and I found out that they were bed bugs. I had to throw away almost everything–I need help please!!!”

We’re sorry she threw everything away before she called us for service. She must not have seen our commercial – “You Don’t Need A New Mattress – You Need Roscoe!”

With Bell Environmental’s bed bug services you don’t have to throw anything away or replace your furniture. Our InstantFreeze program is safe and thorough for use on any fine furnishings and electronics. It gets rid of the bugs without damaging your furniture. That way you don’t have to incur the extra time, costs, and aggravation of getting all new furniture as well as trying to get rid of your bed bugs. Besides, often bed bug problems have moved beyond furniture to curtains, walls, cracks in the floor, or the seam where the carpet meets the wall and other places in a victim’s room.

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