New York has always had pest problems, but things have really gotten out of control. There were a staggering 21,800 pest control complaints last year to 311.

With an estimated 25 million rats living in NYC Construction of the Second Avenue Subway, Atlantic Yards arena and complex, at Columbia University and other projects have stirred up rodent problems for residents.  And rats have taken over NYC parks.  But problems aren’t confined to public spaces! The places with the greatest likelihood of a rat problem are multifamily buildings with elevators- which means apartment buildings all over the city. . . . .  Furthermore the mild winter of 2011-2 is expected to lead to a buggier spring with insects emerging earlier and without their population having been suppressed by the cold compared to past years. (WNYC noted this was the case for butterflies, an insect everyone seems to like.)

With problems this big on everyone’s doorstep, you can’t afford to waste your budget on pest companies that don’t solve your existing problems and can’t erect defense against new ones.  Our competitors spend their time trying to manage issues when they arise and never get ahead of issues. They are busy putting out fires, and not performing the preventative work that will help you stop pest issues from appearing and disturbing residents.

With Bell Environmental you get what you pay for- and that’s good- because we don’t manage pests, We SOLVE the toughest pest problems!  Learn more about our solutions and control programs.

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