We’re pleased that Bell Environmental’s entomologists served as resources for Fox News Magazine on an article about house spiders.

Did you know that spiders are usually going to be where they can find food. They live near lights because lights attract flying insects.  They are also in basements feeding on crickets. Spiders are not picky about what they eat. In homes, infested with German cockroaches and bed bugs, you will find spiders feeding on those as well.

What is the best way to eradicate spiders? Our view is that you shouldn’t aim to eradicate spiders instead eliminate whatever they’re feeding on.  If the lighting around your home is attracting flying insects, then use yellow bulbs or direct lighting towards the home instead of away from the home.  If there are a large number of crickets or other insects in your garage or basement, then it’s best to try to control them instead of spiders.

The easiest spiders to deal with are those that build webs.  Just use a vacuum to suck the spiders and their webs away.  A broom is second best.

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