Bed Bugs + Theater usually equals panic and trouble.  Those words are not a combination that theatergoers want to encounter.  Google the words and you’ll learn about real bed bug issues in movie theaters in Times Square (New York City), and Kansas City, and many other places.  It’s enough to make you itch!

Just last week, bed bugs were found backstage at a theater on the Upper West Side of New York City, shutting down a production.

There is one small but significant exception to this dangerous combination, when there are plays named and featuring the topic of bed bugs. There’s Mayakovsky’s famous work “The Bedbug.”  And there’s a new musical BEDBUGS!!!, which is running in New York City right now.  The plot and premise are:

Girl meets bug in this original comedy sci-fi thriller rock musical.  BEDBUGS!!! follows the hilarious and heartbreaking story of Carly, a passionate, lone exterminator hell-bent on ridding New York City of its bloodsucking infestation down to the last hideous parasite.  Set to an ‘80s inspired, melodic rock score, BEDBUGS!!! will take audiences on a journey so fantastical they won’t even realize they’re in the throes of a bedbug apocalypse!

It sounds like a combination of Rock of Ages and Little Shop of Horrors.  If we can find a babysitter, we’re checking it out!

Read more here and have fun, but also don’t enter your home afterward without bagging up your clothes and personal items to avoid bringing the real critters home!