Sometimes Flea Markets Do Have Treasures And Not Just Fleas

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We often discuss, including in earlier blog entries, “Craig’s List Is Great, But Beware of Bed Bugs” and ”Avoid Bed Bugs By Avoiding Used Furniture,” that flea markets, garage sales, estate sales and the like may be the source of bed bugs and other unwanted pests for people who buy used furniture.  Just as there are exceptions for every

Bed Bugs Are A Continuing Issue For Colleges

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We’re warning again: students in colleges have a high probability of encountering bed bug issues.  There have been three publicized incidents this school year. The University of Nebraska has bed bugs again, after having a giant issue last year that made national news.  New Jersey’s Willam Paterson University noted its bed bug issues this week. 

Insect Music Friday: Firefly (from Sesame Street)

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We’re on a Seasme Street kick this week, not just because it was mentioned in the Presidential Debate, so we’re continuing with another child-friendly firefly song this Insect Music Friday. Bring the kids over to your laptop, phone, or iPad and scroll to the 3:45 mark for a nice sing-a-long version of “Firefly” from a fairly

Bed Bug Humor On “30 Rock”

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Don’t look to this pest control blog for analysis of or opinions on the first Presidential debate.  We’re far more expert at analyzing pop culture and its many references to pest control.  Tonight is the return of “30 Rock.”  We’ve set our DVRs for the start of the season, although you don’t have to wait

The Most Ironic News Story Of the Weekend Was…

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In case you missed it, The New York Times’ City Room Blog published a story on Friday evening, “Even Health Dept. Isn’t Safe From Bedbugs.”  It seems New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, which is an agency that helps set bed bug policies for NYC and influences other agencies’ actions, discovered a bed bug

Bed Bug Humor: The Office

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The new season of The Office began last week.  Our colleagues really enjoyed its return, even if they watched a huge Giants win before staying up extra late to see their favorite sitcom on their DVRs.  In contrast, some critics are already out with their knives, ready to slice the show’s final season to pieces. We’re not going

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