The new season of Sesame Street is here! It includes appearances by some very famous celebrities and our favorite Muppets, including Super Grover 2.0. Click on the following links to see some of the best celebrity appearances of all time on Sesame Street, as chosen by the Today Show, and to learn about the revised Elmo segment.

One episode we watched with our kids includes the segment “Rodent Restaurant,” in which Super Grover 2.0  comes to the aid of a waiter mouse, who can’t get through the continually closing kitchen door to serve his customer some cheese.

Click here to read a food safety blogger’s detailed recounting of and objections to the segment, which even addresses health concerns you should rightfully have – i.e. – eating food that has been wedged under a door and on the floor can make you ill.

There’s one obvious health issue left unsaid: the only “Rodent Restaurant” should remain on the fictional Sesame Street. Separate from our recent post on eating odd foods, no diner, patron, or employee wants to see or be impacted by real rodents in a restaurant. Rodents carry diseases and their presence and droppings contaminate clean environments. The health department doesn’t tolerate pests either. The last thing that a NYC restaurant needs is a report card is any grade below an A, certainly due to the presence of a mouse or a rat. Just how bad could a rodent problem be in a New York City Restaurant? And how much unwanted attention can it garner? Do you remember the KFC/Taco Bell location that had the anchor of NBC Nightly News reporting on  how it was closed on his evening newscast?


Restaurants, please call Bell Environmental to solve your rodent and pest issues instead of being fearful of making the evening news.  Bell Environmental is expert at treating restaurants, cafeterias, and food preparation areas with safe and effective solutions. We eliminate problems and put programs in place that prevent new issues and keep your business open.