We’ve written about trends pushing humanity to consume insects as a source of protein. Do we now have to worry about rats on the dinner menu too?

We thought eaing rats was just a joke from Mel Brooks’ “History of the World Part 1.” (Go to the 30 second mark in this segment satirizing the French Revolution)

But No!

Recently in New York City an artist held an event in which she served roasted rat to attendees.  (Unfortunately, we’re not making this up.)  As for Bell Environmental – we work very hard to keep rats out of restaurants so you know that we’re not going to approve of eating rats. Thankfully New Yorkers are discerning and very few people came to try the free rat samples.  We’re very glad and relieved.

In our opinion, the lesson of Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham,” to be open-minded and try new things, does not extend to eating rats.

And don’t be fooled if anyone ever renames rats as something new and puts it on a menu. Remember, when you are offered squab for dinner it’s just a pigeon – i.e. a flying rat.

(PS- We won’t wear rodent clothes either. It’s happened- Seinfeld fans will remember that a nutria substitute for a mink hat is just a rat-hat even if nutria (a.k.a. a swamp rat) is sometimes considered a guilt-free substitute for other fur.)