The new season of The Office began last week.  Our colleagues really enjoyed its return, even if they watched a huge Giants win before staying up extra late to see their favorite sitcom on their DVRs. 

In contrast, some critics are already out with their knives, ready to slice the show’s final season to pieces.

We’re not going to take sides in this debate over Season 9, but we will flashback to one of our favorite moments of last season, the After Hours episode when Jim tries to get out of the advances that Cathy is making by telling Dwight he has bed bugs – which prompts Dwight to rush into his hotel room  to solve the issue. It’s quite funny how on fire Dwight was in response.

The next episode of The Office airs tonight.  Catch a sneak peek here.  Enjoy the show and keep reading this blog for more pest control and bed bug humor.