We’re Pivoting to Bird Music This Friday

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After 6 months of Insect Music, our music series that appears on this blog every Friday, we’re expanding our series to highlight one of our other divisions, Bell Bird Control. (We’re sure you notived all of our recent bird control postings.  Depending on what we find in our music searches and memory, Bird Music will

It’s Not Insect Music But We Have An Excuse For Posting This Video

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We’ve been looking for another excuse to include Bruce Springsteen in this blog and the resumption of his Wrecking Ball tour tonight in Ottowa after a three week hiatus following his very late night NJ birthday concert gives it to us…..   Here’s Eddie Vedder (who periodically joins Bruce on stage including the current tour) and Bruce performing Pearl

Insect Music Friday: U2′s The Fly

By |2014-12-15T17:04:27-05:00October 12th, 2012|bed bugs, Environment, pest control|

We’re moving on from children’s TV shows and fireflies this Insect Music Friday. Bono became the coolest man on the planet (and we’re not sure he ever relinquished that title) when U2 released “Achtung Baby” and embarked on its subsequent Zoo TV tour. The album was a complete and surprisingly welcome departure from their mega-album “The

I Found A Black Insect, Is It A Bed Bug?

By |2014-12-15T17:04:28-05:00October 11th, 2012|bed bugs, Environment, pest control|

A concerned home owner called us yesterday, concerned that but unsure that he has bed bugs.  We asked him to email us a photo of the insects. Black dermestid beetle larvae Are These Insects Bed Bugs or Not? No, they aren’t bed bugs.  The first sign is that bed bugs are never black no matter

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