Our Post-Election Analysis (aka Roaches Don’t Know Anything About Politics)

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Yesterday, November 6, was Election Day.  In case you haven’t heard, President Obama was re-elected, and voters kept the control of the US House and Senate the same.  Congratulations Mr. President on your victory.  Now that we’re past the big date, what does it mean?  Here are two interesting analyses of the election’s implications for domestic policy and foreign policy. Now with that out of the way, you may ask, “What does the election have to do with pest control, especially on Bell Environmental’s avowedly apolitical blog? ”

This past August, the New Jersey Pest Management Association (NJPMA) held its quadrennial ”presidential cockroach derby,” pitting two Madagascar hissing cockroaches to stand in for the Republican and Democratic nominees and raced them on a three-foot-long track. The “Running of the Roaches” raced a Romney roach against a Barack Obama bug, each with a tiny caricature of the nominees taped to their backs.

The executive director of the NJPMA, admitted while it was a publicity stunt for the organization, but noted the roach race can be a good indicator of who will win the real campaign come November with “an 84 percent track record of success.

The Romney Roach won the race. 


One final thought: just as we hope Facebook now goes back to a place for dumb jokes, embarrassing family photos, and “Some E-cards,” like this one:

 Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: I hope you're not awkwardly stuck with the losing candidate's bumper sticker on your car.

We will return this blog to commenting on insect, bird, and rodent control issues, making pop culture references, providing insect music, and answering questions on pest control and bed bug inspections and treatments.

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