When we focus our blog posts on one industry, it’s because we have something important to explain.  This is our second post on Restaurants and Pest Issues, and we want to spell out the rising stakes for restaurants owners of poor pest control services. Mice, rats, roaches, and flies in your kitchen and dining rooms mean more than bad public relations, they also mean lost business and large fines! Bell Environmental’s solutions help you avoid these significant problems.

New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has become aggressive in its grading and enforcement. It closed down 1,500 restaurants and fined 18,000 others for rodent and insect issues in 2011. We expect the department’s enforcement to remain aggressive.  The Health Department’s high standards and vigilance improve health and lower health care costs, raise quality standards, increase public awareness, and raise fees for the city undergoing tough budget times.  The NYC DOHMH has stepped up its frequency of inspections and increased penalties for violations. We expect this program to continue and become more prominent over time.

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With your restaurant’s Health Department grades now posted prominently in your front window, available and easily searchable on the web, and even as an app for smartphones- your customers expect an “A” grade!

Customers know what your restaurant’s grade is (and that a “Grade Pending” is not good) and know all about any rodent and insect issues that you have.

Call Bell Environmental.

We don’t manage pest issues –We solve them! Bell Environmental makes sure New York’s highest rated and many other restaurants don’t have pest problems!

What do we do that’s different?  Bell Environmental is not a company with the approach of “spray and pray,” or that just goes through the motions by just popping in and out of your restaurant for a couple of minutes and not solving your problems.

Our technicians take the time to determine what the pest problems are and where they’re coming from. We have a program of implementing solutions that resolve pest issues and prevent new ones. Each and every visit our technicians spend the time proactively placing and checking traps and seeing if and where issues have emerged, and resolving anything at its earliest stage, rather than having to react to much greater problems.

Our proactive approach to pest control prevents issues- and helps raise or preserve your restaurant’s grade!

With the health department scrutiny so high, your grades so visible, and customers rightfully so aware and concerned, you can’t afford to take risks.

Call or write us for an appointment or more information and we’ll be happy to help!