Super Grover is the superhero persona of Sesame Street’s Grover. Super Grover uses his superpowers to help others, though generally he ends up not being much help at all. In the 2010 season of Sesame Street, Super Grover received an upgrade and his own segment as Super Grover 2.0. Super Grover 2.0 uses his superpowers of investigating, observing and reporting to solve problems and help others.  (You may ask “Why did this come to mind?” We watch Sesame Street with our kids in the morning.)

Bell Environmental employees (and even our famous bed bug dog Roscoe) are not blue and furry monsters. We don’t have a car that looks like the Batmobile. And we were uniformism, but don’t wear a knight’s helmet to work. We are also more far more competent that our favorite Sesame Street superhero. What we have in common with Super Grover is the reason for today’s blog post.

  1. Bell Environmental employees are warm, fuzzy, and loved by children everywhere, at least our six canine detectives are, especially Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog.
  2. When we encounter pest problems, we also investigate the source of issues, observe the environment, and report our findings to our clients and supervisors to determine the best way to solve pest problems and act to help others.
  3. We also have one other important quality in common: WE SHOW UP!  When our (propsective) clients contact us we get to their homes and offices quickly with the expertise, tools, and canines necessary to detect and solve their problems.

Our most recent example of “Showing Up” is when a assisted living center in New Jersey suspected a bed bug problem it called its regular pest control company, a large competitor of ours, to get a bed bug dog to its facilities.  Unsatisfied that that company couldn’t get them a bed bug dog for a week as the competitor has a single canine team that covers a large territory of several states, the assisted living center’s management called us.  We had our inspector, bed bug canine team, and technicians within the hour.  We detected the problem and treated the area right away with InstantFreeze. There was no interruption to patient care and there were no harmful chemicals used, so there was no need to shut down any areas of the facility.

For our hospital, hotel, public service, and corporate clients with bed bug issues we respond within 4 hours, 24/7/365 and use chemical-free methods that allow immediate occupancy of the room after treatment. Hospitals do not have to shut down rooms, saving thousands of dollars for the hospital per Bed Bug incident. Our Bed Bug treatments do not compromise patient care or health, and do not force the clients to clean up any chemicals.

Likewise for our pest control clients, we provide the same emergency service as needed. During a recent holiday weekend a health care client’s maintenance department opened a pipe that caused millions of flies to escape and spread all over this client’s facility.  We immediately responded and solve the problem.

Call Bell Environmental: We show up right away and solve your problems.