We’re introducing our new series of Friday music videos: Rodent Music. There are a lot of ways to include songs related to this theme, especially this time of year, but we’ll spare you any Alvin and the Chipmunks.  We’ll begin this series with Bruce Springsteen’s epic song “Jungleland” from his album Born To Run.

Why?  1- Bruce headlined this week’s 12/12/12 concert also at Madison Square Garden. 2- The name of the lead character in the this mini opera (set in NYC, which has significant mouse, rat and rodent issues, and in NJ (out on the Turnpike)) is Magic Rat (see the lyrics below). and 3- Clarence’s amazing saxophone solo.

The Rangers had a homecoming
In Harlem late last night
And the Magic Rat drove his sleek machine
Over the Jersey state line
Barefoot girl sitting on the hood of a Dodge
Drinking warm beer in the soft summer rain
The Rat pulls into town rolls up his pants
Together they take a stab at romance
And disappear down Flamingo Lane….

Click here for a love letter to the song by two bloggers. They spell out so many of the reasons “Jungleland” is so great and such a worthy start to this series.

And click here for the video itself if you can’t see it embedded in this entry.  It’s the live and extended version from Bruce’s 1999-2001 concert tour.

PS – Bell Environmental also traps wildlife, so eventually we’ll include a series of videos on those topics, just to mix this series up even more.  That’ll give us a chance to work in another Beatles classic, “Rocky Racoon.”  Enjoy your weekend!