In honor of this week’s blockbuster movie The Amazing Spider-Man, our Insect Music Series is expanding to include some “Arachnid Music” – Specifically, the Ramones’ cover of the Spider-Man cartoon theme song. 

Has there ever been a better song for a superhero TV show or movie? 

Prince’s Bat Dance doesn’t come close. Neither does that Nickelback Spider-Man song from 10 years ago.

We’ll fully admit that the original Batman TV theme is catchy and can sometimes rock (Here it is covered by the Kinks (go to the 47 second mark) and the Who.)  And besides we’re very excited about upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises” film.

Note: while we think the superhero film scores by John Williams (Superman), Danny Elfman (Tim Burton’s Batman), and Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight) for the Superman and Batman movies are epic, but scores just aren’t in the same Oscar category as songs.

One other note: if you do go to the movies, make sure you don’t bring home bed bugs from theaters.  Disrobe when you walk in the door, and place all your clothes (and any bags you had been carrying) in a plastic bag and seal the plastic bag.  Run your clothes through the dryer for 20 minutes on medium to high heat.)  For more advice on avoiding bed bugs this summer, see Bell Environmental’s website for some great tips.