Hi I’m Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog. I’m guest blogging again today! I recently came across this posting on Craig’s List.

I’m flattered by the seller’s mention on Craig’s List and the invitation to sleep over on a cozy couch in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Glad the seller has such a comfy, well-maintained, futon but I already have a dog bed that I love – and it fits better in my (Wi Fi-equipped) dog house!

Now a warning: One of the most common ways that people get bed bugs is by buying or taking used furniture. My advice is not to pick up any mattress or couch that has been left on the street and to remember that flea markets have more than fleas. (I don’t frequent garage sales either.) Furniture is not often marked like the sofa pictured below, but in your mind it should be and you should avoid the temptation to take any couch or chair left on the curb into your home!Bed bug couch

These days it’s really best not to trust anyone even if they suggest a bed bug dog would be happy on their couch. Or post on Twitter that their couch is bed bug free:

DailyFreeNY FreeStuffDaily #FreeNY : Free Sofabed (Revere Place between Bergen and Dean): Free yellow sofa bed on the curb. Bed bug free! … https://bit.ly/nHMauA

I respect and would follow tweets like: “When i see matresses or furniture on the curb i automaticly assume #bedbugs”