So you don’t think we’re coming out of left field by using idioms, we’ve got sports cliches on the brain with the Olympics in full swing and Super Bowl this weekend.  So now that we’re on a roll – It’s time to spill the beans.
The rats are winning New York’s Rat Race.
We’re not beating around the bush.
Other pest control are companies are a dime a dozen. Giving you the Same old Same old.
And by using them you’re throwing good money after bad – or in other words – pouring it down the rat hole
Cause actions speak louder than words:
The Time is Ripe to call Bell Environmental.
It’s time to give your building a clean bill of health and make your rat problem run into the wall.
From the Word Go, Bell goes the extra mile so you’re home free – and free of NY’s least favorite animals.
While Bell makes Rodent control look like a piece of cake, or easy as pie if you prefer. it’s really because we get cracking, go the extra mile, give it 110%, put our nose to the grindstone, and all of our blood sweat and tears. It’s not any cliche – it’s 60 years of knowledge, experience and a hell of a lot of hard work.

* This inspirational segment of the our blog is brought to you by the letter R (for rodents) and old sketches from Saturday Night Live.