Bed Bugs Are Not a DIY Pest!

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Following up on our recent post, we’re shouting a warning that we’ve given in the past: Bed Bug victims should call professionals instead of self-treating problems- and they should stay away from heat treatments of any kind!   Simulating fire-like conditions and using heat to eliminate bed bugs can lead to fires! We’ve read about bed

Happy Holidays To All – Especially Dogs!

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Our famous canine Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog is taking over today’s blog. Hi – Roscoe here.  Our canine team is enjoying the holidays.  Tonight we’re staying up late telling old stories and sharing our favorite bones.  Tomorrow we hope Santa brings us our fondest wish – a new XBox!  We’ll also settle for some

A Children’s Book About Lice?

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Well known children’s book author David Shannon just published a new book about lice called “Bugs In My Hair!” David Shannon's Book "Bugs In My Hair!" David Shannon’s Book “Bugs In My Hair!” His publisher described the book as a humorous take on battling head lice. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, and

Time For Another Insect Joke

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We know the scientists reading this blog will find this joke funny…. A scientist has two large jars in front of him. One jar contains many fleas, the other jar is empty. He gently removes a flea from the flea jar, places it on the table before the empty jar, steps back, and commands “Jump,”

Insect Humor: Enjoy This Video

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Joke of the Week: Dan Soder It’s better to watch Dan Soder reference our favorite insect in his act, rather than reading his act on this page. So, please click here to see his Comedy Central set discussing Hipsters. BTW – Do you know what’s a Hipster and if you are one? Click here.

We’ve Been Busy Fighting NY’s Bed Bugs!

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Who says NY’s bed bug problems are solved?  Not Bell Environmental!  We’ve been extra busy this month eliminating bed bugs in homes and offices, and we apologize missed a few days of on our schedule of blog entries…… Have you seen this article in today’s NY Daily News “Bed Bugs Camping Out In Lower Manhattan

Insect Music Friday: Fireflies

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We don’t usually feature songs that have topped the Billboard Top 100, but it’s nice to mix things up in our Insect Music video series with a little synthpop.  (For a history of synthpop, click here. You’ll have flashbacks to the 1980s, including Howard Jones, Depeche Mode, Erasure, A-ha, Erasure, and Yaz.) This week’s music

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