Who says NY’s bed bug problems are solved?  Not Bell Environmental!  We’ve been extra busy this month eliminating bed bugs in homes and offices, and we apologize missed a few days of on our schedule of blog entries……

Have you seen this article in today’s NY Daily News “Bed Bugs Camping Out In Lower Manhattan Building“:

November 14, 2013 10:58 AM

NYS Financial Services Department Employees: Bedbugs Working Us Over At Manhattan Office

BY Celeste Katz

Verna Fulton was standing at her desk at the state Department of Financial Services Tuesday afternoon when her shoulder began to itch and burn. When she checked, her skin was mottled with raised red welts — what Fulton suspected are bites from the bedbugs the lower Manhattan building is battling.

“I said, ‘What on earth? We’re getting eaten alive in here!’” said Fulton, an IT worker for the agency, which moved more employees into offices at 1 State St. earlier this year.

Another bitten worker, Senior Insurance Examiner Ademola Oluwo, told the Daily News he obtained internal agency memos showing the State Street problem wasn’t new.

The complex had a bedbug problem before DFS started transferring employees there earlier this year from 25 Beaver St. while merging its banking and insurance divisions.

Oluwo said the memos indicated the bedbug scourge had been solved prior to the move, but it turned out at least a few creepy crawlies were alive and well.

“Everybody’s nervous. They’re afraid to work. They don’t know if they’ll be taking anything home,” said Oluwo, who’s also a shop steward for the Public Employees Federation union that reps DFS workers. “Wherever you go in the building, people are talking about it.”

If the city hired Bell Environmental, we would determine the full extent of the bed bug infestation, instead of working based on piecemeal reports, solve the whole problem – and we would do it without chemicals that can affect employees health and damage computers and furniture- and without shutting down the office.  We’re happy to talk with any office, school, or facility when you have bed bug problems.  Call us!  Bell Environmental’s InstantFreeze program will get the job done!