Following up on our recent post, we’re shouting a warning that we’ve given in the past: Bed Bug victims should call professionals instead of self-treating problems- and they should stay away from heat treatments of any kind!   Simulating fire-like conditions and using heat to eliminate bed bugs can lead to fires!

We’ve read about bed bugs fires caused by people trying to use kerosene, alcohol, heat guns, gasoline, and many other approaches to get rid of these bugs.  Bedbugger has cataloged numerous disasters between 2009 and 2012: “a Hamilton Co. Ohio man, a resident of Cincinnati’s Bond Hill, and an Avondale, Ohio woman, a Mount Carmel, Ohio tenant, and a Colerain Township, Ohio family all seem to have set their homes on fire in similar circumstances. And those are just a few examples.” All are dangerous- and all are ineffective!  Here’s the latest incident.

Last week in Columbus, Ohio a couple risked their lives using fire to get rid of bed bugs.  The man of the house used a lighter to try to burn the bed bugs in his home.  He is a stroke victim who has a hard time seeing.  As you can imagine – the approach didn’t work and the house caught fire.  While the couple safely made it out of their home, their living room and second floor were completely damaged from smoke.

A news account of the event, including a video, is available here.

Please don’t try to get rid of bed bugs yourself. Call a trained and high quality professional.  Please also remember heat treatments bring significant risks of fire.  It’s not worth endangering your life or your home just to get rid of an insect problem.