It’s Worth Repeating NYC Mice & Rats Carry Dangerous Bacteria

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Bell Environmental recently wrote about how mice found in NYC apartment buildings carry disease-causing bacteria, including a few superbug germs.  This is a subject worth revisiting and repeating because the study is alarming and because of the close contact humans have

Opossums, Rats, and Pigeons – What Else Is Riding The Subway?

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Last week an opossum caused a frenzy when he left his home in New York City’s Bryant Park possum and entered a subway station. Maybe he was on his way to Coney Island before summer ends? Or couldn’t find a

Is 2011 Really the Year of the Rat?

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While the Chinese calendar may state that 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, in our and many New Yorkers’ experiences, it’s definitely the Year of the Rat! We discussed how rodents are a growing problem in our recent blog