While the Chinese calendar may state that 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, in our and many New Yorkers’ experiences, it’s definitely the Year of the Rat!

We discussed how rodents are a growing problem in our recent blog post. Strange but true tails tales abound and are growing: the latest: a woman was bitten by a rat on a train station platform.) Other news that will send shivers down you spine are:
•The subway rider who shared pasta with his rat;
•The rat that climbed up a man sleeping on the subway and onto his face;
•Something out of a Brothers Grimm story: Giant Rat Stopped by Pitchfork; and
•Rats conquering both Grand Army Plaza and Collect Pond Park in Manhattan.

While Transit Workers are calling for a rat-free subway system in light of the growing problem, even if the MTA acted on the issue, it doesn’t protect your apartment building and office. Call Bell Environmental so your building is not a victim of the rodent invasion!