Isn’t It Time NYC Hotels Call Roscoe?

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We recently discussed the problem of bed bugs in NYC hotels and how it's a growing problem that can lead to unwanted media coverage. Let us specifically spell out what does Bell Environmental for hotels: Bed Bugs live in cracks and crevices and are immune to most pesticides. Bed Bugs and their eggs need to

Bed Bugs Problems Are Growing in NYC Hotels

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The NY Daily News and  New York's WCBS2 reported that bed bug reports in New York City hotels increased significantly last year.  How high an increase? The Bed Bug Registry reported that incidents are up 44% from a year before.  Eighteen hotels had a combined 363 complaints, representing 42 percent of all bedbug complaints. It's not just low end hotels,

Warning: Scary Video of Bed Bugs & Bites In NYC Hotel

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This is not the kind of video that a hotel hopes will go viral.  A hotel guest listed his complaints about his $400/night Manhattan hotel room in a video that featured lots of bed bugs and the over 75 bites his girlfriend suffered.  (Not to mention Three room changes. Power outlets that don’t work. No heat.)

Bed Bugs + Fire + Alcohol = Danger!!!

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We're going to warn the public again. Alcohol is simply not a solution to bed bugs. It may dry out bugs, but it has no residual effects.  Alcohol is also flammable. In order to get rid of your bed bugs. please don't spray lots of alcohol.  While heat has been proven to kill bed bugs,

Richmond, VA Fire Department Regulating Bed Bug Heat Treatments Due To Strong Concerns

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We found this article from a Richmond, Virginia newspaper about its fire department's view of bed bug heat treatments to be very interesting. Here's the article in full: City fire department looks to regulate use of heat to kill bed bugs Monday, December 28, 2015 10:30 pm By NED OLIVER Richmond Times-Dispatch Bedbugs, according to the

We’re Back With Insect Music Friday – Holiday Edition

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We're back from our sabbatical with our longtime series of Friday music videos. It's December 19, so we're going to make this a special holiday edition with three songs featuring the Beatles. First up, it's the Beatles' "Christmas Time Is Here Again." As a holiday treat, here's John Lennon's Happy Xmas. We'll spare you

Bed Bugs Are Not a DIY Pest!

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Following up on our recent post, we’re shouting a warning that we’ve given in the past: Bed Bug victims should call professionals instead of self-treating problems- and they should stay away from heat treatments of any kind!   Simulating fire-like conditions and using heat to eliminate bed bugs can lead to fires! We’ve read about bed

Duck! Geese Are Causing Problems At Airports & For Planes

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Geese and other birds have been a frequent problem for airlines, especially during 2012.  When birds collide with airplanes they can shatter windshields, dent fuselages and ruin engines and even place passengers’ and airline employees’ lives at risk. The most recent and high profile bird strike occurred two weeks ago: on July 31 a collision above

Painting Pigeons Makes Colorful Art, But Not Bird Control Solutions

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We recently came across an article titled ”Pigeon-painting machine turns the rats of the sky into colorful works of art.”  Artists Julian Charriere and Julius Von Bismarck decided to give pigeons a makeover with the intention of rehabilitating the images of these vermin birds. Their machine that draps pigeons and dyes them a wide variety of

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