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Bell Environmental views our efforts to resolve rodent and insect issues as part of a commitment to public health.

We like to share resources with our community that help improve people’s health.  Someone reached out to us and suggested that we highlight

QuitSmokingCommunity.org, who raises awareness of the consequences of smoking and helps communities become smoke-free (visit: https://QuitSmokingCommunity.org/)and the American Cancer Society, who also promotes health through education and awareness (visit: https://www.cancer.org/)

We also have a real interest in animal welfare.  We take great care of Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog and our canine detectives who are all rescues.  We came across an extensive digital library of learning resources for veterinary professionals and people with an interest in animal welfare here: https://vettechnicians.org/ which is worth your viewing.

Thanks to the people who reached out to us with these great suggestions!

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