Scientists just gave us another reason to solve bed bug problems immediately and avoid heat treatments. Bed Bugs carry health risks and allergies and these histamines spread during these treatments.

That’s right. We’ve warned for a long time about the dangers of heat treatments.  Here’s a new more reason not to use this method to treat your bed bugs. Bed bug heat treatments have been found to cause a long-term health risk to victims. Bed bug feces contain a chemical called histamine that can trigger allergy symptoms like itchiness and asthma and are associated with rhinitis, bronchitis, and related respiratory syndromes. Scientists note that heat treatments don’t get rid of these histamines and that the high temperatures and air circulation during heat treatments could re-circulate histamine-containing dust particles and deposit them in new locations with higher chances to become contacted, inhaled, or consumed.

Read the scientific article: “Histamine as an emergent indoor contaminant: Accumulation and persistence in bed bug infested homes” for the whole story.