Landlords should learn from a $1.6 Million jury award to a California family. They should call Roscoe and Bell Environmental in to help with your tenants’ bed bug issues right away!

This poor family shouldn’t have and no one else needs to suffer through this callous treatment when they have bed bugs. How bad a situation was it? A California jury awarded a family a record $1.6 million after their landlord waited 9 days to respond and then left chemicals all over their home, left their young family at risk, and told them to throw out all their furniture  – and still failed to get rid of the bugs.

See the Los Angeles NBC news report here and get more details here.  This isn’t just a LA Story or hellish trap described in the Hotel California. This enormous bed bug verdict is important national news that made The New York Times.

Bell Environmental’s approach to exterminate bed bugs is very different than what this landlord tried and failed to accomplish. Bed bugs are highly resistant to and even immune to most pesticides, so leaving chemicals all over the apartment didn’t solve the problem and put the family at risk.

What should be done? Bed bugs’ biology and habits leads them to hide deep inside cracks and crevices and they don’t need to come out often to seek food. Eliminating bed bugs is like trying to get a moving needle in a haystack. Bell Environmental uses physical solutions as our primary methods of elimination. Bell Environmental performs detailed, crack and crevice treatments that focus on living areas instead of eating areas or places that have water. To eliminate bed bugs it is best to treat an entire residence or location – including all furniture. We also follow bed bug treatment program that consists of at least two treatments. Bell’s bed bug solutions are safe, thorough, and effective and don’t require throwing out people’s furniture.  We treat electronics and furniture safely and without damage – so you don’t have to throw anything out! That’s right you can get rid of bed bugs and not your bed.

How does Bell do this? Bell Environmental uses InstantFreeze, our exclusive non-toxic, non-chemical frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice snow) tool to freeze bed bugs. We use carbon dioxide snow to treat everywhere in affected rooms. InstantFreeze penetrates deep into cracks and crevices to eliminate bed bugs (including their eggs and larvae) from the places they’re hiding.  That means the bed bugs are dead and you can keep your room open and go back to relaxing on your furniture after we treat.