NYC has a Huge Rodent Problem, Your Building Doesn’t Need To!

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This year and especially this summer complaints have grown about New York City’s Rat and Mouse problems. The construction of the 2nd Avenue Subway and lean city budgets just make problems worse. A recent Channel 11 story showed rats taking over NYC Tompkins Square Park where toughened, veteran squirrels are terrified of their distant cousins.

Bed Bug Disclosure Laws Are Fine, Dog Inspections Before You Rent Are Better

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New York State requires landlords to tell new New York City renters if a building has or had bed bug problems in the past year.Bed bug inspection from the leading pest control company, Bell Environmental This law is positive as it requires landlords to be more aware and transparent about problems, makes landlords more likely

Cover Your Bed and Bases!

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A bed bug proof mattress cover is like chicken soup for a cold – it can’t hurt and it can definitely help in resolving, preventing, and detecting bed bug issues. We’ve even read about property managers (and college dorms) buying or requiring bed bug proof mattress covers for their residents. Parents may also want to

Where’s Roscoe? Bell Environmental’s New Commercial!

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Where’s Roscoe? We hope you enjoy our new TV commercial! Bell Environmental’s Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog is famous throughout the New York region for his bed bug inspection work and media appearances. Our new commercial features real New Yorkers asking a Bell Environmental employee “Where’s Roscoe?” – which Bell technicians in our dozens of

Bell Environmental on NBC4!

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NBC4 interviewed Bell Environmental last night about the New York City’s new report of 2011 bed bug statistics. Bed Bug complaints to New York City’s 311 in 2010-11 showed modest growth of 3% from the prior year. New York was lucky- it would’ve been bed bug statistics from the leading bed bug company, Bell Environmentalmuch

Meet Roscoe this Thursday at the launch of his new coloring & activity book – Roscoe & the Bed Bug Hunt!

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Meet Roscoe this Thursday at the launch of his new coloring & activity book – Roscoe & the Bed Bug Hunt! Posted on July 5, 2011 by BellEnvironmental This Thursday, 7/7/11 at 10:00am, Bell Environmental, the premiere bed bug company Roscoe and the bed bug hunt, coloring book from the leading bed bug company, Bell

Bed Bugs, Hotels, & Travel Websites

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Both visitors and hotels have it tough when it comes to bed bugs. Travelers don’t want to encounter bed bugs, have no desire to take them home, and want some measure of safety that they are not walking into the vampire’s den when they check into a hotel. People check Trip Advisor, the Bed Bug

Welcome to the new

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Welcome to our new website. For the past 50 years, we’ve been a leader in providing top quality pest control that solves customers’ problems. This site explains how and how hard we work to help our clients eliminate bed bug problems, and resolve and prevent insect, mouse, rat issues. Bell Environmental - the leading

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