This year and especially this summer complaints have grown about New York City’s Rat and Mouse problems. The construction of the 2nd Avenue Subway and lean city budgets just make problems worse. A recent Channel 11 story showed rats taking over NYC Tompkins Square Park where toughened, veteran squirrels are terrified of their distant cousins. (The Channel 11 reporter followed up on a clever viral video about the invasion of this Alphabet City park.)

For apartment and office buildings mouse and rat problems will grow worse in the winter when rodents seek shelter. Bell Environmental had a number of inquiries in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene when flooding brought many rodents indoors.

The Channel 11 report suggested the reason there is a problem is because certain poisons were banned. With Bell Environmental’s proactive approach and focus on rodent trapping, you can solve problems without depending on poison, and protect your building from this invasion. Banned poisons are not the reason buildings have pest problems. In fact, we created our Bird Control Division to solve pest bird issues after toxic methods of bird control were outlawed in the New York City market.

Bell Environmental is proactive in our approach to solving and preventing buildings’ rodent issues. We create comprehensive, interior rodent trapping systems using multiple catch traps. In contrast, the extensive use of rodenticides is indicative of a “passive” pest control program in which there is no routine follow-up and inspection. Unlike multiple catch traps, rodenticides do not provide a pest control technician with an assessment of a rodent population. Therefore, the size of the rodent population is judged anecdotally (by the number of sightings and complaints received), not quantitatively. Our system requires inspecting each trap regularly and recording findings. If a particular area has a problem, we take proactive steps to eliminate it.

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