It’s Worth Repeating NYC Mice & Rats Carry Dangerous Bacteria

Bell Environmental recently wrote about how mice found in NYC apartment buildings carry disease-causing bacteria, including a few superbug germs.  This is a subject worth revisiting and repeating because the study is alarming and because of the close contact humans have with mice. According to the Columbia University scientists who were quoted in a very good

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Watch Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog On NY1

Bell Environmental is so excited about Roscoe's visit to NY1 and "Mornings On 1." Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog loved showing off his detection skills and introducing everyone to his pal Sparky and his handler. Watch Roscoe here on our Blog, or visit and follow Bell Environmental on YouTube to see other Roscoe videos and

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Funny Bed Bug Advice From The Onion

The Onion is a humor magazine and website that we enjoy reading. It recently shared tips for treating a bed bug infestation are both funny and the exact opposite of what you should do in real life. Have a good quick chuckle on us.  Read the article here.  

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Another Health Risk From Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Scientists just gave us another reason to solve bed bug problems immediately and avoid heat treatments. Bed Bugs carry health risks and allergies and these histamines spread during these treatments. That's right. We've warned for a long time about the dangers of heat treatments.  Here's a new more reason not to use this method to

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