Bed Bug Solutions for Commercial Airline Carriers, Private Planes, and Terminals

Bed Bug Control: Safe, Odorless, Thorough and Effective Solutions That Get Planes Back In The Air

In light of the negative customer and public relations issues that airlines experience due to Bed Bugs, it is important for carriers to ask:
• What does it cost an airline to take an airplane out of service for two days – all because of the current Bed Bug epidemic?
• What is the public relations damage to an airline after passengers report Bed Bug issues?
• What does it cost the airline in terms of lost sales when it gets a reputation for having Bed Bugs?

Airline executives are rightfully concerned with your airlines’ income levels. You may not realize of the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars that encounters with Bed Bugs during this growing epidemic can cost an airline in terms of lost income and bookings. With Bell Environmental’s exclusive pesticide-free methods, we can eliminate Bed Bugs without any downtime for commercial airlines. Your airline carrier can proactively determine if there are bed bug problems and solve them while keeping planes on schedule for takeoff to their next destination. Bell Environmental can prevent a considerable loss of income per incident.

Given the stark alternative of shutting down planes for treatment and the loss of revenue, our question is: How can your airline carrier afford to use any other service for Bed Bug treatments?

With the growing Bed Bug epidemic being so prolific in New York and other US markets and a rash of bad headlines for British Airways and other carriers, it’s clear that there’s not an airline that does not now have a problem with these hitchhiking insects. If you do not detect and treat a bed bug problem quickly, it can get out of control, causing immeasurable and widespread damage to your planes and airline, affecting your passengers and crews, and harming an airline’s reputation.

Upon discovery of bed bugs, airlines should treat their planes immediately. If your airline were to choose conventional chemical methods or fumigation, it would take a plane out of service for at least 24 to 48 hours. The time that any airplane is out of service represents a lost revenue opportunity of many thousands of dollars for an airline. Moreover, chemical treatments are not effective, as these bugs are immune to most pesticides. Bed Bugs cannot be killed except with contact solutions. Bell Environmental uses our green, non-toxic InstantFreeze carbon-dioxide solution to eliminate Bed Bugs and their eggs on contact without causing damage or leaving any residual.

Airlines employing chemicals to eliminate Bed Bugs waste scarce dollars on services, and risk the spread of these insects to other areas of their airplanes. In addition, any chemicals placed into the seats have the potential of affecting passenger health and creating unnecessary liabilities.

Bell Environmental is uniquely qualified to treat sensitive areas safely and effectively. We have many canine teams who can quickly inspect planes and other locations to determine if and where these insects are present. We provide high quality, pesticide-free services to many hospitals, stores, hotels, and pharmaceutical research laboratories in the New York Metropolitan Region. We are able to bring our scale and resources to respond rapidly to our customers’ concerns and treat hospital areas with thoroughness and care. We can treat your planes with minimal disruption to your passengers and employees. Bell Environmental’s pesticide-free methods resolve Bed Bug issues while keeping businesses in service so they do not lose revenue.

We are able to help airlines and airports solve any existing Bed Bug issues and provide rapid response efforts to immediately treat new encounters, keep your planes in service, and prevent larger problems.

Freezing Bed Bugs with InstantFreeze™

Bell Environmental’s InstantFreeze bed bug control program is unique. No competitor offers comparable scale, logistics, materials, CO2 freezing lances, training, expertise or focus to offer these bed bug treatments to its customers. We respond to all reports of bed bug activity during all hours, day and night. We are onsite within 4 hours, and are ready to service planes or terminals with bed bug detection and elimination. Everything in the plane is serviced using the InstantFreeze carbon dioxide method, leaving behind no residue or chemicals, so rooms can be reoccupied immediately after freezing bed bugs has taken place.

Our Bed Bug Solutions Comply with NYC’s Local Law 37

InstantFreeze is a non-chemical, non-pesticide solution which is fully compliant with Local Law 37. Enacted in 2005, Local Law 37 prohibits the use of certain pesticide products based on their toxicity and potential to cause cancer and/or reproductive effects in any property owned or leased by New York City, including the hospitals, schools, and offices. These prohibitions apply whether a chemical is used by City personnel or its contractors. In addition, under Local Law 37, many chemical products that can be used require a pre-notification posting 24-hours in advance of pesticide usage that chemicals will be used in a location. There are no restrictions on the use InstantFreeze nor are any pre-notifications or announcements required.

Vigilance is the Best Defense Against Bed Bugs

As part of our bed bug control service contract, Bell Environmental provides in-service training and education to your staff. We educate them on subjects including how to prevent bed bugs problems from becoming overwhelming, and how to lessen the risks of spreading bed bugs through your facility.

Contact Bell Environmental today at 877-376-1775 to discuss a bed bug control plan for your hospital or healthcare facility.

* 24/7/365, 4 hour on-site Emergency Response time applies only to the InstantFreeze program of bed bug control treatments, and not to canine bed bug inspection services.