In our 50 years in the pest control business, Bell Environmental has earned a reputation for providing top quality service. We are often asked to bid on pest control situations in hospitals, office buildings, schools, residential apartment complexes, and other places in which there are really bad problems. The managers are dissatisfied with their incumbent company after years of poor results and employee and tenant complaints, so they put out a Request for Proposals (RFP).

We inspect the property and find that the current provider has no program in place to solve and prevent pest control issues. The current provider is runs around putting out fires that the customer notices, but is neglecting the overall property with no preventative efforts, and problems are mounting. Our inspection reveals mice droppings and rodent carcasses, no perimeter defenses, very few insect traps, and what traps are there haven’t been checked in months or years.

What are the results of the RFP process? The manager hires the same company again that provided poor service, because that company is cheaper than us (and our peers), and perhaps even discounted its prices to keep the account.

We understand the desire to save money, but we think clients should be more concerned about getting value for what they spend rather focus mainly on the absolute number of dollars spent.

Our response is if you want to save money, but still have pests, then cancel your pest control services entirely.

Think of it this way:

  • Would you keep your mechanic if your car kept breaking down?
  • Would you keep your plumber if your sink kept leaking?

Then, why stick with the same pest control company when you still have pests? Paying for poor pest control service and experiencing ongoing and acute rodent and insect issues is just a waste of budget.

Furthermore, it puts you at risk for trouble from the health department, your tenants, housing authorities, industry organizations, and at risk for unwanted media attention. Can anyone afford to be the Taco Bell with such a severe rodent problem that it made the NBC Nightly News?

How can we make such statements? Because we know the huge differences between Bell Environmental and other NYC exterminators: With Bell Environmental, we solve pest problems- that’s right- you don’t have to live with pests!

To be clear: we get rid of pest problems even in buildings that are in troubled areas and located above the subways.

How? Bell performs proactive detail oriented and labor-intensive pest elimination work at all times, and then continually monitors your building so pests do not reemerge.

What is so different about Bell’s approach and pricing? We build our pest control programs for each customer with the cost structure built around what it takes to solve pest problems, not just building it around what we think our customers are willing to spend and then determining how much labor will be allocated to you the customer.

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