We often receive the question if people can simply vacuum their homes in order to solve their bed bug problems.

Bell Environmental believes that people should vacuum their homes once you learn you have bed bugs, but vacuuming is not a solution to a bed bug problem.

In preparation for and not as a substitute for treatment, we recommend victims vacuum all infested rooms. Please pay particular attention to the floor/wall junctions. Also vacuum the furniture, mattresses, box springs, couches, chairs, closets, shelves, etc.  When you’re done vacuuming, be sure to immediately place the vacuum cleaner bag in a plastic bag, immediately seal the plastic bag and discard, and then place a new vacuum cleaner bag inside the vacuum.

Vacuuming can be helpful in high level infestations, when visible bedbugs are numerous, Hepa Vacs may be used to control visible population of bed bugs before a pest control operator begins crack and crevice treatment. Hepa Vacs can also be useful in the pre‐treatment preparation process. We also recommend that people vacuum their suitcases when they return from traveling to lessen the chances of bringing bed bugs into your homes.

However, in low level infestations, the use of a vacuum is not the key to a successful bed bug control treatment. Bed bugs like to generally hide in areas where vacuums are unable to reach, i.e. deep in cracks and crevices and inside wall voids. In addition, vacuums are unable to suck up the sticky egg clusters as it’s actually the contact of the brush that removes the sticky eggs from the surface, not the suction.

Good question. Our conclusion: Vacuuming is a small and helpful part of, but not close to a complete bed bug solution.

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