Customers often ask why they need to have two treatments to eliminate bed bugs.

In our, the pest control industry’s, and the NYC Department of Health’s experiences, it is rare that Bed Bug infestations are eliminated in a single visit. The correct approach is for there to be at least two treatments of affected areas. The reason why Bell Environmental follows a 2-phase treatment protocol, approximately 2-3 weeks apart, is because of the biology of the Bed Bug.
1.Female Bed Bugs can lay up to 5 eggs per day that are the size of poppy seeds or specks of dust. These eggs hatch after 6-10 days
2.Bed Bugs are cryptic in nature. They hide very well and occupy the smallest of cracks and crevices. It is possible that a single thorough bed bug treatment may not reach well-hidden Bed Bugs and eggs. A newly hatched bed bug is 1.5mm in size (the size of the tip of a ball point pen) and translucent. The eggs are also 1mm in size and have a pearly translucent appearance. A non-engorged bed bug is as thin as a credit card. Their small size enables them to hide deep in cracks and crevices, on any item. To illustrate, there are 7 places for bed bugs to hide on 1 wooden hanger. Bed bugs can hide inside the head of a screw.

Bell Environmental has dedicated bed bug technicians that are thorough, and spend considerable time in each room treating every crack and crevice. We send two technicians on residential jobs who spend considerable time on each visit treating the whole room. In a bedroom that means we treat: the mattress, box spring, bed frame, nightstand, dressers, clock radios, wall hangings, etc. (inside, outside, upside down (we don’t put your things in a box and take it to town) In our experience, two treatments are required and sufficient to solve most of our customers’ issues. On the other hand, very few of our customers require more than two treatments to resolve their Bed Bug issues.