Thanks for Making Our #WheresRoscoe Contest A Success!

The winners will be in our new commercial with the Tri-State Area’s Lead Bed Bug Detective!

Dozens of contestants submitted “Where’s Roscoe” videos and and thousands voted on Bell Environmental’s Facebook page to choose  the winners!

Bell Environmental was pleased to host a contest for people to appear in the latest in our popular series of “Where’s Roscoe?” commercials. We received numerous videos of New York Area residents asking “Where’s Roscoe?” who submitted it to us via Roscoe’s Facebook page.  All entrants received a Where’s Roscoe T-shirt just for entering!  

Complete contest rules, terms, and conditions are available on Roscoe’s Facebook page.  Questions can be emailed to roscoe@bell-environmental.com.

Please also ask us any questions you have about our pest control services, including bed bug detection and control. If you need help, please call us at 877-376-1775. Thanks!