Bell Environmental Is Pleased To Honor Its Longtime Clients At Our 50th Anniversary Celebration In NYC

Bell Environmental Services has performed our pest control services for more than 40 years with little fanfare serving and becoming an essential pest control service provider and partner to many New York-area businesses, organizations, and government agencies.  We are proud to serve world famous NYC hospitals, large apartment buildings, and university and pharmaceutical research labs.

Then Bed Bugs returned to the US.

We responded to the Bed Bug epidemic by applying our high quality, environmentally friendly bed bug control solutions and creating new ones such as our InstantFreeze program, and spotlighting the skills of our canine detectives, including Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog.  As a result, customers including financial services firms, retailers, hospitals, and cruise ships have all responded to our services, and embraced bed bug solutions that do not cause them downtime or business interruptions.

The question “Where’s Roscoe?” referencing our television commercials, has become as ubiquitous as bed bug phobia the past several years.

We’re proud of our bed bug solutions, but Bell is more than just a bed bug firm, as long-time employees, current and former clients, business partners, and friends attending our 50th anniversary party on June 16, can attest.

Though a beagle, Roscoe has gotten the lion’s share of public attention. Roscoe has been featured on Good Morning America, Animal Planet, and CBS News and local news programs since joining Bell in 2008. While Bell Environmental’s bed bug services have received the most media coverage over the last decade, the firm has been a full-service pest control company since its founding. Bell Environmental’s President Phil Waldorf started the firm in 1963.

“We’re proud of our 50 years in business,” Waldorf said. “We’ve always put our customers first and are pleased so many will join us to celebrate this milestone.” To learn more about Bell and our history and accomplishments during the past 5 decades, please click here.

(PS- Sorry to disappoint you, but there’s no Insect Music Friday this week.  Stay tuned to this blog- it will be return next week.)