Where’s Roscoe?

We hope you enjoy our new TV commercial! Bell Environmental’s Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog is famous throughout the New York region for his bed bug inspection work and media appearances. Our new commercial features real New Yorkers asking a Bell Environmental employee “Where’s Roscoe?” – which Bell technicians in our dozens of vehicles get asked every day all over the region when people see their cars. Our answer is Where’s Roscoe? The new commerical from the leading bed bug company, Bell Environmentalalways the same- “He’s Working!”

Roscoe works and trains 7 days a week all over inspecting for bed bugs in homes, schools, offices, camps and other places to determine if and to what extent people have a bed bug infestation. Bed bug dogs have been shown to be 98% accurate at detecting low level infestations for bed bugs. Learn more about Roscoe and our inspection teams by visiting Bell-Environmental.com

A funny thing happened while we were filming this commercial earlier this month: across town one of our colleagues was stopped by police for a traffic issue, while he was being written up, several passersby shouted to him “Where’s Roscoe?” and he kept answering “He’s Working!” The officer was amused and let him go without a ticket. Look for us out on the street.

If you do see Roscoe or his colleagues say hi and contact us to let us know!